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Web Design

We build websites with only one thing in mind, your business’ needs.

At Make Waves Media, we develop custom websites designed specifically around the goals, requirements, and audience of your business.

We understand how vital it is to have a strong digital presence in 2020. 

That’s why we came up with a system that allows us to create top of the line, custom websites for a fraction of the cost and make our clients lives substantially easier.

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So Why Us?

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Speed & Optimization

With our proprietary design stack and unparalleled development process, we can build beautiful, conversion optimized custom websites in record time. Our speed of development allows us to iterate, optimize, and test your website rigorously delivering optimal results with the look and feel of a custom site that typically takes 6 months to a year to build. 

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Typically with a custom site, you get what you get unless you have a high level developer to make changes for you. That’s not the case with us, our state of the art CMS (Content Management System) gives you the ability to make the edits and changes you need to your custom website. You’re able to easily update, upload, or edit the content on your site at any time without having to call us or manage a confusing backend like Wordpress. 

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Unparalleled Quality

Our web designers know exactly how to build beautiful websites that convert. With a deep understanding of UX design and data-driven development, our websites focus on the usability, functionality, and styling characteristics needed to create unparalleled custom sites. We focus on one word in web development, WOW. 

Thinking about a website? Ours start as low as $2,500.