About Us

What We Do.

“Make Waves Media is an Agile Digital Marketing Agency created to help companies and entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of digital marketing. We provide strategic marketing solutions to help small to medium-sized businesses hit their marketing and sales goals. We view our engagements as partnerships and take the time to truly understand our clients, their business, and customers. We are passionate about our clients because without them there is no us.

Our Core Values

Client Centric

We believe the client should be at the center of every conversation, meeting, and project.

Inherently Collaborative

Our work dynamic ensures constant communication allowing our teams to collaborate providing the best solutions.

Focus on the Long Term

We work to develop long lasting client relationships, which allow us to provide long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

People Business

At the end of every screen, platform, and channel we utilize is a person. We believe it is imperative to always remember we are in the business of people.

Our One Goal is Your Success

We’re only as successful as our clients.


Client communications and transparency are a pillar of our marketing initiatives. We believe the most successful projects are the ones where our clients are truly involved in the process, that’s why we value transparency so highly.

Our Offering

We offer digital marketing services and provide strategic marketing solutions for small to medium-sized companies looking to grow and scale their business online. With a plethora of digital services, we are able to craft custom digital marketing solutions for businesses in a range of industries. We have experience in: Healthcare, Automotive, Real Estate, Photography, Restaurants, eCommerce, Retail, Construction, Professional Services and more. We have a passion for developing integrated marketing strategies and working hand in hand with businesses to curate campaigns that will drive revenue for their business and help them accomplish their sales and marketing goals.