How We Operate.

At Make Waves Media Co. we deploy an agile management methodology on all of our projects. We operate as one holistic team with constant communication with both each other, and our clients. This environment of constant communication allows for rapid development, iteration and improvements on all projects. By keeping the client at the center of every conversation, we are able to leverage multiple different skill sets and backgrounds to ensure all aspects of your digital strategy are covered.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with new audiences and create recurring customers. We pair the psychology of relationship-building with data-driven methodologies, granular targeting, and kick*ss content to create a predictable traffic system that cultivates new customers and grow revenue.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most powerful demand-driven strategies a company has the opportunity to place in its arsenal. Using a meticulously designed auditing and research process, we pinpoint revenue-generating keywords and develop campaigns that convert, and constantly improve. 

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Photo | Video

We tell stories with a purpose.
Every brand, business, product and service has a story, and stories sell. We curate high-quality video content for all businesses, enabling them to tell their tale through a lens that customers love. Whether its an ad, brand story, product demo, testimonial, or any other story you want to tell, we will transform it into a video your customers will love.

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Local Business Services

If you’re a local business, getting found in the digital age is becoming more and more difficult. 
We’ve developed sophisticated digital strategies which amplify the visibility of local businesses in their area & increases foot traffic through their door. Whether you’re a health clinic, restaurant, auto body shop, general retail, or offering professional services; if you have an address and need clients, customers, or cars, we can help grow your local business.

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Inbound Marketing

Attract qualified leads, expand your digital presence, and grow revenue. Inbound marketing enables your company to leverage our entire digital arsenal. Designed strategically around your business’ needs and position in the market, we deploy custom Inbound strategies to reach your customer on every channel. Our agile methodology allows us to plan, build, launch and iterate on a continuous basis, driving optimal results for your business.

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Web Design

Simply put, we create custom websites that convert. 
By gaining a deep understanding of your business needs paired with our innovative web design process, we deliver top-of-the-line custom websites quickly, affordably, and of the highest quality.

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