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Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)


We enable companies to increase revenue & profit by leveraging one of the most powerful demand-driven platforms ever created. Google is where your potential customers are asking questions about your product or service, and that’s where you need to be providing the answers.

Pay-Per-Click aka Search Engine Marketing (SEM) enables you to be right in front of your prospect from the moment the need arises. Because what do consumers do if they want to know, go, do, or buy... they Google Search. As it turns out, there are patterns to the way we search, patterns we can leverage to display the right offer to your customer the moment they are ready to buy. 

Every campaign we run is completely customized to our client’s needs & goals. We don’t take the cookie cutter campaign approach, nor do we set it and forget it. 

Our clients engage our agency because of the little things. We take the time we take the time to truly learn what our clients need, to ensure the optimal results we monitor our clients campaigns on a daily basis. This allows us to optimize our campaigns in an accelerated manor compared to a set it and forget it approach.

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How you ask?

Management & Execution

Everything we do revolves around one thing, ROI. During our initial client discovery meeting, we’ll define clear campaign goals, review any historical campaign data, and create your plan. We immediately begin analyzing your cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition and revenue to ensure we know exactly what we need to get a positive ROI.

Implement Systemic Tracking

Website and conversion tracking is an absolute necessity for a plethora of reasons. If you don’t have your digital plumbing established or there was an implementation error, we will get that sorted out. Tracking is the key to optimization and scaling.

Build Keyword Lists & Targeting Research

With the wrong keywords, and improper targeting, you can throw endless amounts of money down the drain. By leveraging an in-depth keyword research strategy, we are able to identify the keywords that will drive conversions and maximize the potential of your ad spend. 

Copy & Creative

You know what they say, you’re only as good as your copy & creative. That’s why our copywriters’ craft copy that converts by using a psychograph that develops persona-based hooks that resonate with your audience on multiple emotional levels. And our creative? Ironically it’s the one that speaks for itself.

Landing Page Optimization

A phenomenal ad is nothing without a great landing page to go with it. We create landing pages that convert by utilizing conversion rate optimization, stellar design, crafted messaging, and of course, TESTING.

Bidding Strategy

The right bid is key to your campaign success. We utilize proprietary strategies paired with advanced management software to deliver optimal results and scale your campaign.

A list of some strategies we implement in our campaigns can be found below

Manual Bid Optimizations

Keyword Refinement

ROI Conversion Tracking

Dayparting Optimization

Match Type Optimization

Competitor Conquesting 

Display Campaign Targeting

Ad Extension Granularity

Quality Score Optimization

Negative Keyword Optimization


A/B Testing


Geo-Targeting optimization