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We Are Storytellers

Through our client consultation process, we enable brands to entice, educate, and expand their audience through compelling video. 

With video making up over 80% of the content consumed online, an essential piece of any marketing strategy in 2020 needs to leverage the power of video. Using our refined production process, we create videos with a purpose. 

Through video, you gain the ability to tell your brand’s story, product, or customers’ story allowing you to reach your audience in an entirely different way. 

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Our Production Process


We sit down and gain a deep understanding of your business, from story, culture, image, to audience and style. We take this time to learn as much as we possibly can about your business & customer so we can convey the exact message that will resonate with your audience while identifying opportunities to showcase your brand.


Once we’re confident we’ve gained a thorough understanding of the message we want to convey, we create a detailed production plan to guide the video production process. We identify the foundational elements of your video:


Where will this video take place?


When will we be shooting and for how long?


Who will be in this video?


What’s the story we are going to tell?


How, when, and where will this video be used?

Once we’ve identified the key elements of your video and developed our production plan, we will sit down for a final pre-production meeting to go over the entire process.


Now the fun begins, we begin shooting and developing your video based on our production plan. We get in touch with all the necessary parties, acquire all video assets needed and your video production begins.

Post Production

Once we’ve completed shooting, this is where the magic happens.

We add all the necessary and agreed upon effects, transitions and styling features that gives your video the professional look & feel every business wants representing their company. Ensuring we highlight all the best features of your business, we transform your video into a high-converting asset to be used throughout your marketing strategy.

Below are some examples of some of the video assets that we can provide for your business.

Video Ads

Product Video

Opening Video

Chiropractor Video

Construction Video

Testimonial Video

Educational Video


Health Services Video

Drone Video

Brand Story Video

Hype Video 

Restaurant Video 

Real Estate Video

Event Video