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Social Media Marketing


With more than a billion monthly active users, the combination of Facebook and Instagram is by far one of the largest and most effective advertising platforms in the world. However, leveraging this platform can be a very challenging task. 

To succeed on Facebook, you need to understand how to drive engagement, develop assets that convert, deploy granular targeting, and test audience segments. And, all while maximizing your advertising spend and ROI.

At Make Waves Media, we know how to connect the dots and build highly targeted advertising campaigns that work seamlessly in unison to drive great results for your company and maximize your ROI..

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Sequence & Structure

One of the hidden secrets of succeeding on Facebook is adhering to the correct campaign sequence and structure, while providing value at every step of the customer journey. 

At Make Waves Media, we’ve invested significant resources in developing a system that simplifies your campaign structure. 

Our process enables your campaigns to work seamlessly together in sequence, through 5 distinct levels, each triggered by distinct digital behaviors. We identify your perfect audience through rigorous testing and deliver content curated in a sequence specifically designed to move your customers through each of the distinct stages of the buying journey.

H2H (Human to Human)

Facebook & Instagram were not developed to be a marketplace, they were developed to create an environment for HUMANS to connect, entertain, engage, and educate other HUMANS. 

In order to be successful on Facebook, you need to understand how us “humans” think, buy, communicate, behave, feel and most importantly, develop relationships. The most powerful development Facebook has done for business is enable brands with the ability to build actual relationships with their customers through adding value to their everyday lives.

At Make Waves Media, we build relationships. Our Campaign Level System is the proprietary result of our expertise in the  areas of :

  • Human relationship building and the surrounding psychology
  • Digital body language
  • Data-driven strategies
  • A relentless effort to expand these core competencies 
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Some examples of some of the services that come with these campaigns are:

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Digital Plumbing & Pixel Installation

Targeting Research

Local Business Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Video Ads

eCommerce Advertising

Facebook Copywriting

Full Funnel Re-marketing

Lead Generation

Dynamic Product Ads

Business Facebook Setup

Landing Page Design

Health-Services Advertising