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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Many people are under the impression that once you build your website people will come. Sadly, that is not the case. For quality relevant traffic to find your website and business, Google must believe that you can provide the solution that the searcher is looking for. For example, if someone is looking for a plumber near them they may search “Plumber Near Me.” Google, in turn, will display Plumbing Companies that they believe will provide the best match to the individual. Now, how Google decides who that is, is based on the algorithm and over 200 different ranking factors. That’s where we come in.

SEO Rocketship

Benefits of SEO

When SEO is done right it can provide over a 5x-11x ROI. In fact, 57% of Businesses (B2B) Stated their investment in SEO generates more leads than any other marketing efforts. However, to do SEO correctly you need to keep conversions in mind. Our SEO Strategies all incorporate proven practices to increase conversion rate and increase revenues.

Result Driven SEO

Results and the bottom line is the ONLY thing that matters. If you’re not getting quality leads, increasing revenue, and growing your business, SEO isn’t worth the investment. We seek to establish firm expectations & goals to create KPIs that help us track our progress to reaching your business goals through our Dallas SEO Services.

Things We Track

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Directions to Location (Local)
  • Form Fills
  • Web Visits
  • Revenue

We believe in producing long-lasting results and rankings through safe & sound white hat tactics. Many agencies will claim to get you to Page 1 faster than other agencies. However, in SEO, speed isn’t always the correct metric to judge performance, gaining rankings that stick for quality keywords that will improve your revenue and conversions is what matters. 

We aim to get our clients ranking for the keywords they need to rank for to increase their business. 

If SEO is done wrong, or is done through shady Black-Hat Tactics your site can be penalized by Google and you are left worse off than when you started.

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What SEO We Do

On-page SEO

Technical SEO

Off-page SEO

On-Page SEO

Keyword Research

The core of any on-page SEO Strategy is Keyword Research. Our Keyword Research process enables us to expose the most profitable and achievable keywords for your SEO Campaign. Although high rankings are a must in SEO, they’re only relevant if the keyword search triggers a revenue-generating action, such as, a call, form fill, consultation etc. When starting any SEO Campaign, we dig for low competition, high conversion intent keywords.

Content Optimization

When a user performs a search, Google wants to deliver the most relevant, answer to the query that they performed. To be displayed when a search is performed Google has to believe that you will provide the highest quality answer.

During our Content Optimization process, we take into account current and upcoming trends, run a Competitor Analysis, and more.

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

We optimize your title tags and descriptions for 2 Different Audiences:  

Humans & Search Engine Crawlers

For people searching, we achieve this through optimizing your Titles for a higher Click Through Rate to humans, signaling to Google that you are delivering the answer to the question searchers are looking for. For Crawlers, we ensure that your Tags & Descriptions have the relevant keywords that signals to Search Engines that you have a relevant answer and deserve to be displayed to a relevant search query. 

This results in Higher SEO Rankings across the board.

JSON Schema Markup

Schema.org came to existence back in 2011 & used by top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing. Today, in 2020 it’s important to leverage schema markup, it essentially allows Search Engines to understand/ make sense out of specific data. 

Schema Markup is a form of micro-data that can also lead the way to being featured as a Featured Snippet & receiving higher rankings.

Off-Page SEO

Link Outreach

We have proven strategies and tactics to landing our clients links the right websites, which results in a positive SEO impact. Unlike some agencies, our links stay with you whether you’re working with us or not, providing long-lasting SEO benefits

Citation Building & Local Links

The Google Algorithm favors businesses that have a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) in multiple locations on the internet. This allows Google to have more confidence in your company, thus, will display your business in front of more relevant searches. We have a network of 80+ Business Directory Listings that we create and manage for our clients.

Link Analysis / Audit

Bad links can negatively impact your website and search engine visibility. We perform a professional link audit to determine where your site’s link profile currently stands. Because your website’s link profile isn’t easily visible, many businesses are not aware that it is negatively impacting their SEO.

Link Disavow Services

If we find bad links we take the appropriate steps to ensure Google ignores the toxic links. We create and upload custom disavow file. These toxic links can negatively impact your SEO if not handled appropriately.

Our SEO Process


We run your website through an in depth analysis to determine priorities and scope of the project.

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Keyword Research Icon

Keyword Research

We collaboratively work to determine the services that you want promoted and develop a keyword strategy to increase your visibility in search engines for these services.

Competitor Analysis

We take a look at your close competitors to determine what SEO strategies they are currently implementing & what are their wins & losses - This helps us get an understanding of your competitive landscape.

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SEO Strategy Development Icon

Strategy Development

Through the analysis of the previous 3 steps we develop a strategy to implement over our determined time period to get you the results you need.

Ongoing On-Page SEO Implementations - Content Development

We create SEO optimized content taking into account Googles algorithm and 200+ ranking factors.

Ongoing On-Page SEO Implementations - Content Development Icon
Ongoing Technical SEO Implementations Icon

Ongoing Technical SEO Implementations

We implement the Technical SEO strategy that we have developed & uncovered during our audit. These implementations are made over the duration of our time together.

Quality Link Building

We have developed a unique link building/ link outreach strategy. We gain links from authoritative sites within your niche/ industry. These links result in increasing your domain authority score and thus, help with your SEO Results. We ensure these links are coming from clean sites and will not hurt your link profile.

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SEO Reporting Icon


We provide ongoing Monthly Reporting to let you know the impacts that we have made. We take this time to also take into consideration any ad hoc needs that have arrived over the past month to implement into our next month cycle of SEO.

Why Us?

That’s a great question, let us tell you why we believe we’re the best Dallas SEO Agency.
All of our team members are Certified in their SEO Skills through years of experience & hours of continuing education courses.
We believe in service, we view our client engagements as partnerships and aim to provide unparalleled value to those we choose to do business with. Your satisfaction and results are our goal.
We believe ethics shouldn’t need to be mentioned, but, unfortunately, it does. Treat others how you want to be treated. That’s how we run our business. We put out our best work every time and hold ourselves to the highest standards.
You never have to wonder if things are going well or poorly because with our constant communication, access to your analytics dashboard, and reporting you will have a full understanding of everything that is going on with your campaign.

How much does SEO costs?

Great Question!  As you will get from most consulting answers, it depends… 

For a quick answer, our Full-Service SEO Campaigns start at $1,200 a month. We do have less involved plans that can start as low as $250, while these campaigns do not have as much involvement from our team, our clients who have engaged in this level of campaign have still seen results that they were more than happy with.  

Here are some of the factors that go into effect when pricing an SEO Project.
If you have previously had SEO work done on your website and it was done correctly your project will be cheaper. This is due to many of the foundational SEO tasks that we would perform would already be done.

However, if you have had SEO work done on your website and it was done incorrectly it can sometimes result in a higher cost because we have to fix many errors that the previous SEO created. We have seen this in a handful of our clients but, it is nothing to worry about it can all be resolved.
A large factor in SEO Project Pricing comes down to your Business Goals & Expectations. We consider whether your goal is to grow 20%, 50% or 100%+ when pricing out a SEO Project. This allows us to ensure we can reach your goals within the specified budget.
Just as you would guess, SEO Campaigns are more expensive for a National Campaign when compared to a Local SEO Campaign. The reason for this is because it is generally harder to rank for national searches.

Local SEO is not only cheaper but, you generally will get faster results as well. When applicable, we usually suggest that a company deciding to tackle SEO start with a local campaign and then move into a national campaign. We like to say, win your backyard before you win the neighborhood.
A large pricing factor in SEO is how competitive your niche is. Simply put, when there are more established competitors for the keywords you want to rank for it takes a lot more work to get in the top couple results.

Of course, there are more factors that go into effect when pricing out an SEO Campaign but, these are just a few.

When choosing the right SEO Plan, it really comes down to what your goals & expectations are. When working with Make Waves Media Co. we consult with you (Link) to determine the right-sized SEO Project so we can provide great Business Results without Breaking the Bank.
Ready to take you SEO to the next level?