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Increase Calls and Patients from Digital Sources


Local Search Engine Optimization 



Richardson, TX

Carrollton, TX

Project Overview

Quiroz Chiropractics’ engaged us to increase their calls, traffic, and discoverability across their local area. Initially, their online information had a 91% rate of inaccuracy across the 70+ major publishers that Google uses to both verify a business’s information, as well as rank them in a local search. This caused a host of serious issues when trying to compete in the constant battle of local search. We knew the first step for any local business was to secure the local search strategy.

Project Deployment Process

  • We eliminated 100% of the misinformation and data errors associated with Quiroz Chiropractics’ Name, Address, and Phone Number across our Listing Network and implemented our online information lock so it could not be manipulated.
  • Added Quiroz Chiropractics’ to the 80+ directory sites, apps, and maps Google relies on to validate a business before deciding how high or even if they should place them in the search results  (i.e Yelp, Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
  • Specified and structured Quiroz Chiropractics services in a way that search engines completely understand exactly what they offer so when people search for something relevant to chiropractics they show up.
  • Quiroz Chiropractics 80+ listings were enhanced with high-quality photos & videos of their practice and practitioners. 
  • We deployed a robust keyword strategy in order to increase discoverability up when specific, high intent searches are performed that are relevant to chiropractics in their local area.
  • We also optimized Quiroz Chiropractics for Voice Search, to ensure all smart speakers, cars, and appliances had the necessary information to return Quiroz Chiropractics as a result. 

Project Outcome

Our Digital Presence Management solution addressed the listing inaccuracy errors across the web. We leveraged enhanced content, strategic keyword strategy, and structured their online data in a manner that search engines understood exactly what they provided and when to show them for relevant searches. In turn, this promoted an increase in overall online discovery, increased calls & walk-ins, and supported the development of new customers.

3 Primary Stats

Average Monthly Search Queries

190% Increase in Monthly Search Query

Average Monthly Google Maps Views

332% Increase in Monthly Google Maps Views

Average Monthly Google Customer Actions

106% Increase in Customer Actions from Google

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