Increase Monthly Levy Clients


SEM (Google Ads)

Landing Page Development 

Sales Video Creation


Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex

Project Overview

IRSProb had a strong client base but wanted to expand its reach by leveraging the Google Ads platform. IRSProb engaged Make Waves Media Co. to develop a Google Ads campaign and Video strategy in order to acquire 3 to 4 new clients per month.

This campaign was targeted at the DFW Metroplex and surrounding cities, focusing specifically on generating Paycheck, Bank Account, Property, and any other Federal Tax Levies. Based on our preliminary research, we believed we would be able to drive a sufficient amount of clicks with the proposed ad spend. We’re confident we would be able to reach the goal of 3 to 4 new clients per month.

Project Deployment Process

  • The campaign development process began prior to the target campaign start date and was used for Campaign Research, Setup, Video Scripting, Video Production, Landing Page Creation and Website Conversion Rate Optimization. 
  • Phase 1 consisted of our Setup & Discovery phase. Here we went through our strategy session,  gained account access, implemented digital plumbing infrastructure, had our video discovery session, and completed our keyword & targeting Research. 
  • Phase 2 consisted of our Pre-Build Phase. This is where we wire-framed the campaign, developed ad copy, the landing pages, video script and implemented conversion tracking. 
  • Once complete, we moved into Phase 3, Campaign Development. This is where we put all the pieces together. We created the Google Ads campaign, implemented the video, tested the landing pages and launched the campaign. 

Project Outcome

3 Primary Stats

Goal Completions
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