Increase traffic to site and conversion rate to drive-commerce sales

Integrate multiple marketing channels in order to align brand messaging

Create and establish a B2B channel partner network to stimulate wholesale sales


Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

Content Creation

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Dallas, TX

Project Overview

Gardenuity, while offering an extremely strong product,  had trouble finding their fit in the eCommerce space. They had a clear place in a market with few mature competitors and a high expectation for growth.

We believed through the optimization of their digital presence, and utilizing integrated marketing strategies, we could amplify Gardenuity across multiple platforms. This was accomplished via the utilization of Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Engine Optimization, and Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting, while also curating and strategically delivering content to targeted audiences. By leveraging Social Media Management, Advertising, and Content Creation, our goal was to stimulate revenue growth in addition to solidifying Gardenuity’s place in the market. We also used events, workshops, media, along with pop-up shop occurrences to drive brand loyalty and saturation in valuable markets.

Project Deployment Process

We began by building out an initial Content Calendar and performing an in-depth SEO audit. Once completed we developed our strategy, began addressing all foundational SEO concerns and began developing strategic content. By increasing Gardenuity’s site authority and Google Confidence level we maximized Gardenuity’s appearance when relevant searches are performed. We also certified their online information was correct on the major listing platforms, further increasing site authority and Google’s confidence in the domain. 

We performed research on the past performance of their revenue channels and campaigns for the purpose of creating a strategy that created the most efficient advertising spend. This served to focus their investment on the most profitable channels and allowed us to identify new ones. All of these services required continual optimization and iteration to continuously improve. 

Project Outcome

Gardenuity saw growth across multiple channels along with an increase in average position on targeted keywords as well as an increase in their overall website traffic. The deployment of events and leveraging digital strategies for their success allowed for new client acquisition channels to be created as well as an introduction to channel partners.

3 Primary Stats

Website Bounce Rate

Decreased by 12.75%

Avg. Site Session Duration

Increased by 12.37%

Goal Completions

Increased by 45.43%

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