In today's digital economy, your website is your Digital Storefront and people are coming to it on every device. According to a recent study, 98% of consumers begin their buying journeys with a search. That means, 98% of the time your prospects/potential customers first impression is your website, it also states, that same 98% doesn't even complete an action on their first visit and most don't return.

clean modern Websites that work

You need an eye-catching website that engages your visitors, while also implementing measures to bring all those consumers and prospects back to your Digital Store Front. It takes time and experience to truly understand the decisions a user makes on web site. What We bring to the table is an Experienced Network of UX Designers that know the behavioral psychology of the users and how to turn that behavior into conversions on your Page.

Creating eye-catching, modern, and engaging websites is something we pride ourselves with here at Make Waves Media. Our web designers not only have the ability to create a stylish, professional website but they will work hand in hand with you to ensure that our deliverables match your companies vision, and has the elements your company needs to effectively communicate your message to the consumer. The entire goal of your website is to captivate and engage the visitor to the point where they are beginning their purchasing journey. 

  • CX/UX Engineering

  • Design Mastery

  • Information Architecture

  • Network Integrations