In today's digital world, you need more than just high-quality services to become a truly successful company. Streamlined, consistent and powerful messaging has the capability of not only driving traffic and sales to your company but has the capability to create social movements and viral interest.



We will provide Social Media Advertising Campaigns that unify your brands' message in a way that gives you complete control of how you communicate with your followers and customers, increasing engagement and loyalty. By increasing your overall brand awareness, you will be able to drive customers to your storefront and followers to your content and through utilizing an omnichannel marketing strategy via your businesses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts we will cultivate a digital environment that gives you a competitive advantage in your Industry.

The digital environment that’s been created today is as vast and structurally time-consuming as the modern environment we all live in. Just as a storefront, having quality products, efficient supply chain process and the many other things it takes to run a physical business, your digital storefront takes the same amount of time and effort. The process of getting your products in front of people, curating quality content, and analyzing the vast amount of traffic that can provide measurable benefits to your business takes time, money, and effort. The time has past where you can truly thrive as a business outside of the digital world without at least being a player in it, the problem businesses come to is that it takes enormous amounts of expertise and knowledge to actually create content and execute messaging that actually drives engagement and conversions. Our team at Make Waves Media has created streamlined processes and systems that allow us to manage and efficiently execute large-scale campaigns and curate quality, aesthetically pleasing content for all types of businesses.




Facebook is one the most targeted form of advertising, and we can reach your customers by age, interests, behavior, and location. Facebook advertising will significantly build your brand awareness and the real game-changing piece is that the results are measurable, the numbers will speak for itself. When you get Facebook advertising to work for your business, it has been shown to not only decrease your acquisition costs, but to increase brand loyalty, drive significant traffic to your website, and the result…..




The targeting capabilities Instagram brings to the table, allows us to leverage a platform that puts your businesses offerings directly in front of those will engage with it. Instagram is an extension of your business, your Digital Store Front where you showcase your business. This is why Instagram works, when you allow us to turn your Instagram into an asset by engaging with your followers you'll see them convert to customers and the result…



First Date

This is when you will meet your account manager, where we get the opportunity to learn about your business, where you are right now and where you want to be.


Now that we have your Who, What and Why, we're going to take those and cultivate a game plan on how exactly we are going to get your business in front of Who you need to be to drive revenue, with What is going to keep them coming and Why they should never stop.

Content Creation

This is 2nd most exciting phase behind driving more revenue for your business. Our content creation will give your business a modern makeover by curating high-quality content consistent with Fortune 500 companies to turn your digital environment into an asset that brings customers through your door. 

Create the Campaign

Nerd Stuff.


The time has come, this is where your campaign goes live and the fun begins. After ensuring every step has been thoroughly vetted and we have a clear road map of where we are taking your business, we will launch the campaign.


Throughout the duration of our partnership, we will have reoccurring, scheduled meetings to discuss the performance of your campaign and make optimization decisions to cultivate a campaign that yields increasingly positive results.