In a time when every competitor is one Siri request away, Brand Consistency & Control is one of the most important things for your business, and it's only becoming more vital. Not only is being able to get your company directly in front of your prospects as fast as possible a necessity, but to do that, your companies information needs to be correct on every single site it lives on. The quality of your information across the internet plays a massive role on where you show up on Google, and if it's bad, it may be one of your biggest problems, and you basically have no control over it. To top it off, there are reviews coming in from every which way that are extremely difficult to track, they impact your business daily, and how do you respond to all of them?…. Running a business in the Digital Ecosystem day a different animal, and it's hard, but that’s where we come in. 

We optimize your business to increase web traffic on average of 49% in the first 1-3 months.

Digital Knowledge Management

Here at Make Waves Media, our Ripple Technology offers 3 of the most important pieces to the Digital Ecosystem puzzle:

1. Brand Consistency & Control

2. Discoverability

3. Reputation Monitoring 

One of the largest problems businesses have today is the inability to control their information in the numerous places it lives online and responding to the plethora of reviews coming from over 17. Most companies don't even realize that their companies information is all over the internet, let alone in complete disarray. The thing that people don’t realize that’s so dangerous is that every single place it's wrong, will negatively impact where you show up on Google, today that could be the difference between thriving and dying.

Brand Consistency & Control - Discoverability

We have the capability to take complete control of your companies information across the 70 most influential sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google etc, which has unbelievable power in terms of your Discoverability. When you have complete Brand Consistency & Control across those platforms, your Discoverability is going to skyrocket and Google is going to put your business in front of your potential customers, which means more customers coming to your business and more money in your bank.

Reputation Monitoring

Ripple leverages our direct integrations with the most popular and influential sites across the PowerListings Network to aggregate all your reviews, from every location, into a centralized location giving you direct access to your customers.

Review Notifications - We will alert you the second a new review is detected via email or text in order to continue conversations, improve relationships, mend mistakes and show customers/prospects that you’re listening.

Our dedicated team at Make Waves Media is here to ensure that your customers can not only find you when they need you, but you get to them before they have the chance for the need to even arise. We want to help you provide your solutions by making you readily available to the next prospect that comes your way.