Local Business Services

Intro to Local SEO

For consumers looking to visit a local store, restaurant, venue, etc. results from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, are the fastest and most reliable recommendations out there. A recent Google study showed 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.

As a local business, gaining exposure in your geographical area is vital and competition for local search prominence has never been so high. That means being displayed when a relevant search is performed requires strategy, and constant vigilance.

We know how to develop successful Local Business marketing strategies. We optimize & manage your Digital Presence to ensure you present, active and receiving traffic from the 70+ leading search engines, sites, maps & apps. To ensure your brand reputation is & remains strong, we leverage review generation campaigns and keep you alert at all times of any reviews you need to know about so you can respond quickly. All while developing a targeted local keyword strategy with the sole goal of being prominent in the local search results.

That said, with any client we generally start with an audit on the most influential factors of Local Search Performance: NAP, Business Reviews, and Website Schema. We consider this the online foundation for any Local Business.

Here’s a checklist of what we go through for your own use

Foundation Checklist

NAP Continuity

Name / Address / Phone Number

NAP data refers to a business’ name, address, and phone number; also known as the most valuable information on a listing for consumers interested in contacting and/or finding the business. When this information has inconsistencies and errors across the web, search engines are substantially less likely to put you in the top of the results, which take over 80% of the clicks.

One of the first steps in our Local SEO strategy is to identify any inaccurate information across our entire network. We then use our direct integration to our publisher network to verify, edit or suppress any listings that are causing issues for your business. This gives you complete control of your brand online and by streamlining your online information, we’ve increased trust and authority across all major search engines, greatly aiding in your local search performance.

Website Schema Verification:

Website schema acts as a translate button for search engines. Without proper schema implementations on your site, things like your name, address, phone number, or offerings can’t be understood and referenced by search engines. Schema allows you to note specific things on your site website that the search engines should be aware of in case someone searches something relevant to your business resulting in more customers finding you online.

We will audit your site to verify if you are missing the proper schema. If so, we will locate the sections where it is needed, and implement it so the Search Engines know exactly what, where and who you provide services to.

Review/ Reputation Management:

Reviews do more than just entice or deter customers. Reviews are a primary ranking factor for Search Engines and they are constantly monitoring, comparing and analyzing your companies reviews. Without a proper reputation management framework in place, you have no way of monitoring or controlling your brands online reputation which can have serious impacts on your business.

With our reputation management tools, you can monitor customer reviews for each of your business locations across our robust Listings Network, including sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon Alexa and Citysearch, in real time. You can set up custom notifications that alert you via text or email when you receive reviews that you need to know about.

You can check your businesses current situation/health here.

After we’ve optimized the digital presence of our clients to perform well in local search, we amplify brand exposure and engagement online. We have found the most efficient and profitable ways to achieve this are local Facebook & Google Ads.

Amplify Your Results

So here’s a little bit on that…

Local FB Ads

Facebook Ads are phenomenal for driving customers through the door and greatly compliments your Local Search initiatives. Leveraging our proven Local Ads Strategy, we will develop a campaign that targets your potential customers in the local area and deliver enticing and creative offers, to drive traffic to either your business, store, or site.

Facebook's near limitless targeting capabilities & our proven strategies enable you to successfully get your brand in front of those in your local area, allowing you to grow your business and increase revenue.

Local Google Ads

Google Ads are one of the most powerful tools in a Local Business’ arsenal. With over 82% of smartphone users conducting “near me” searches, capitalizing on the real-time intent of potential customers is imperative. Our local Google Ads strategy enables you to put your business directly in front of potential customers when they are looking for a business with your products or services. Whether you need people to call, come in, or inquire, Google Ads can be an extremely effective tool for any local business.

Local Video

Video is one of the most powerful tools a local business can utilize. We give your business the ability to tell your story, give a tour of your establishment, tell customers why everyone loves you and so much more. We know the right video can transform a business, that’s why we’ve developed a local video process that highlights and shares everything your potential customers need to know before giving your business a visit.

Local Keyword Optimization

When competing in the ever changing battle ground of Local Search prominence, you keyword strategy is vital. If you’re not ranking for the proper terms, you’re never going to get found through major search engines. That’s why we’ve developed a refined local keyword research process to identify the terms you should be ranking for. We then curate content and deploy it across your website and multiple other channels.

Local Content Curation

We curate content with a purpose. Local businesses can benefit substantially from a content marketing plan. Now more than ever do local businesses have the opportunity to position themselves as the thought leader of the community in their industry. By doing so, they are letting everyone know who to come to when that particular need arises. Like we said, we create content for a purpose, so not only can we position you as the thought leader of your community, but every piece of content we make will be strategically designed to get you ranking for key search term in our local SEO strategy