Inbound Marketing

At Make Waves Media we know every company is unique, that's why we don’t believe in “one size fits all” marketing packages. We tailor our services to each client's individual needs and take a different approach… We utilize all of your current marketing channels while adding the missing pieces to develop a consistent & effective lead generation machine.

Key Outcomes

  • Generating and nurturing sales-qualified leads
  • Growing brand recognition and market penetration
  • Curating efficient omni-channel marketing strategies
  • Creating new opportunities for customer acquisition
  • Increasing customer average sale value and lifetime customer value

Our Process

We view Inbound Marketing as an iterative process. By utilizing a 90 day prep program to deploy your inbound marketing strategies, we begin by harnessing a deep understanding of your business’ needs & goals. Followed with a thorough research and strategy phase, we are able to develop & deploy a plan that allows for constant measurement, iteration, and optimization based on audience interaction.

We're an Extension of Your Team

As a trusted Partner, we are your Marketing Department. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your company's goals and values. When you partner with us, you don’t hire a single marketing professional with a limited set of skills.

You hire a team of specialists composed of:


Our Strategists have a passion for developing integrated marketing strategies. They take the time to understand your business, its goals and your customers. Working right alongside you, they use these insights to zero-in on your opportunities for growth and develop highly targeted campaigns to penetrate your market.


We design websites & landing pages that spark conversations. There are somethings that just make a difference, an incredible designer is one of them. Our designers have unparalleled web development capabilities and design sites with one word in mind, Remarkable.


Our SEOs have one job. To increase your visibility and bring you qualified traffic.

Paid Specialists

Our paid advertising specialists are experts in developing paid strategies that maximize your ad spend & ROI. We’ve developed proprietary strategies to connect, engage, and convert visitors on the most effective platforms available. Whether you need quick conversions from a Google Ads campaign, deploy a remarketing strategy, run a shopping campaign, or implement social ads, they’re highly skilled in lowering your cost per acquisition and driving conversions.

Inbound Marketers

Our Inbound Marketers are software nerds. They are well- versed in the leading marketing automation platforms and can help you choose the right one and ensure that it is implemented correctly.


Our copywriters understand the dynamics of crafting messaging that resonates and speaks to your customer. Whether it’s articulating complex products, developing the messaging for a high-converting website, crafting engaging Facebook ads or curating quality content, they’re there every step of the way.

Inbound Marketing Tactics

The strategies & initiatives we deploy are designed completely around your business’ goals, audience, and investment. Below are a range of digital marketing services we can deploy in a multitude of industries. 

Vlogs (video-blogs)
Interactive quizzes
Content Hubs
Google Ads
Social Media Marketing
Social Ads
Lead Nurturing
Email Marketing
Chat Bots
Live Chat