E-Mail marketing has and remains to be one of the most powerful revenue-generating tools available to date. It ranks as the third most Influential Source of Information behind a Personal Recommendation and industry-specific Thought-Leaders, while many businesses rank it as their #1 most influential tool. Yet, as with any tool, it only works when used correctly.


Here at Make Waves Media, we leverage your current customers with our targeting methods, to develop complex E-Mail Marketing campaigns to put your companies message directly into the inbox of your potential customers. We can help drive your companies Reach, Impact, and Revenue through strategical E-Mail Marketing campaigns. We look at things from a data-driven perspective here, and E-Mail is clearly one of the most effective ways of interacting with your potential customers. With Engagement Rates on average higher than most Digital Marketing campaigns, it's clear that this is an asset that can be valuable on any of our clients Digital Marketing campaigns.