Last year there was an estimated $2,804 Trillion Dollars in online retail sales. The growth of the digital marketplace has created various new channels for creating revenue for your company. You're able to create campaigns that reach your ideal customer on all of their devices, communicate directly with your prospects, and utilize a low-overhead method of creating conversions for your company.

One small problem, the internet is massive, where are your potential customers? Who are they? Who has seen your ads? Who has exhibited buying behaviors? Due to their stage in the buying funnel what would be the most logical and effective message next? How many of the hundreds of millions of users fit your customer demographic? Who are your customers? Who is coming to your website? 


The Digital Marketplace has opened up the possibility to answer all these questions. Make Waves Media will provide your company with a better understanding of your current customer base while providing detailed analytics of the performance of your campaigns using real-time data to make optimization decisions. 


  • Campaign Analysis

  • Website Traffic/Social Media Analysis

  • Customer/Prospect Segmentation Reports

  • ROI Metrics

  • Reputation Analysis

  • Portal to Monitor Success