Amazon Services

At Make Waves Media, we will improve your business’ sales revenue & ROI on Amazon.

Everyday, more and more eCommerce searches are starting directly on Amazon. Online shoppers are skipping Google entirely and looking for products solely on Amazon. This creates a phenomenal opportunity for eCommerce businesses and only increases the importance for any business that sells products online to be on Amazon.

Our Amazon services give you the foundation, framework, and teeth to drive revenue through Amazon and turn it into yet another value generating channel for your business.

How We Do This?

Content Optimization

Amazon has some pretty serious content requirements. From product photo creation, to product copy, we will optimize your listing for improved visits, click-thru-rates, and conversions. 

Amazon SEO

Amazon has gone from simply a marketplace, to essentially its own search engine that requires a fine-tuned SEO strategy. We continuously optimize your listing by leveraging Amazon Advertising data paired with our own 3rd party research tools to curate an Amazon SEO strategy that gets you ahead of the competition and drives revenue to your business.

Amazon Storefront

Amazon is becoming more and more brand centric everyday. Now brands have the ability to build their own Amazon storefront, a mini-website that lives inside of Amazon for your brand alone. We will setup, optimize and launch your Amazon Storefront allowing you to give your customers an all encompassing shopping experience.

Amazon PPC

Similar to Google Ads, Amazon PPC allows you to shortcut the lengthy process of getting to that number one spot using SEO. Amazon PPC enables your business to get your products directly in front of those searching for them. Using our proven 4 step system, we will make sure you have the proper account structure for optimal results and a custom strategy delivering high-converting traffic to your listing and maximizing your ROI.

Our 4 Step System

Amazon Profile Audit/Setup

We begin with a full-scale audit of any previous campaigns, your existing listings, website, and products. We aim to thoroughly understand your business and any issues you’ve been having. Throughout this initial process, we start to identify opportunities to improve sales, ROI, and listing performance.

Amazon Market Research

Our team does a research deep dive pertaining to your niche, products, competitors and brand. We then isolate the value generating keywords potential customers are using in real time to find your products/services resulting in a comprehensive list that we can deploy and test.

Campaign Curation

Once we have solidified your Amazon foundation, we build out your campaigns in Amazon. We understand the absolute necessity of proper campaign structure and organization to deliver high-performing campaigns. Utilizing a keyword strategy of highly organized and closely related keyword groups, we can deploy targeted campaigns related to each specific product you offer.


This is where the magic happens. Once we’ve launched your campaigns, we begin the never-ending cycle of optimization. Using a proprietary methodology, we will perform a weekly analysis on your campaigns to find out what works and what doesn’t, while testing a myriad of new opportunities. This enables us to do the fine-tuning that turns your Amazon endeavors into revenue generating machines.